Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peace Activists My Butt

Barack's Preacher...LANGUAGE

Fruit Loop 4

Video From D.C.’s Winter Soldier Countermarch

Eagles One Year Ago

Obama's Speech on Race

Auditions For Bodyguards

Why We Don't Get Invaded

Clueless In Arizona Part 1

Clueless In Arizona Part 2

Fox News Too Offensive For Even Fox News

Not Ready To Give Up The Fight

White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

How Aware Are You?

Hip-Hop To Victory

Vote For Obama

Semper Fi, Code Pink


Sniper In A Mosque Meets Mr Tow

In Honor of SFC Paul Ray Smith

Winter Soldier FRAUD

Incriminating: 500,000 Iraqi Children Dead

Patriot Skye Attacked

FITNA...the Movie

US Special Forces Basra

RIP Keith Matthew "Matt" Maupin

Splashing 2 Libyan Fighters

Killing of Non-Muslims

Here Is Your War

McCain Sings: "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran"

Pete Hegseth Trounces Medea Benjamin

Obama Counters McCain-Clinton Attacks in Terre Haure

Mahdi Army Jihadis Blow Up!

Mahdi Army Blows up Again!

Hollywood v Troops

LANGUAGE!! Bitter Ladies?

Just Another Day At The Office

Barack Obama Dogged by Terrorist Ties

RNC Takes the Lead On Truth in Iraq

LTC William Rusell On Fox

Obama: I Will Have Credibility With Muslim World

Young Americans

University of Maine Moron Art

Mitt Romney The Comedian

Battle Hymn of The Republic

Cheney The Comedian

Leftists Admire Terrorists

Dean Scream

Hillary's Song