Tuesday, November 4, 2008


‘Sarah-Cuda’: Ohio Company Creates Hunting Bow for Palin Fans


Gaffetastic!... Obama Booed-- Mistakes Florida For Ohio

McCain's Midnight Rally in Miami

Voter Fraud - Obama Style

McCain: “We’re going to win this election”

Bishop Finn says “give consideration to your eternal salvation”

Jason Mattera doing the thug thizzle

McCain’s Enthusiasm ‘Higher Than I’ve Seen In 14 Years Of Covering Him’

OCA president explains difference between McCain and Obama on coal

Cavuto goes nuclear on Menendez for spinning Obama’s tax plan

Michelle oddly skeptical of Obama’s newfound appreciation for immigration law

Michelle on Obama, coal, and the media


The Truth about Obama

Did Obama Flip McCain Off?

Link...he did Hillary...HT GP


$250K, $200K, $150K, $120K, $84K ... ??

Monday, November 3, 2008

138 Obama Lies, Mistruths or Inconsistencies

BOGUS: Obama's Claim That Anti-Coal Statement Was Out Of Context

Woah!... Palin SLAMS Obama For Coal-Killing Comments!


Sarah Creams Marxist Obama On Coal


CNN Video

Before You Beg For Change, Think Very Carefully... Because You Just Might Get It

This is a very spooky video. JPA discussed it today on his BTR show and he is correct. You won't hear Adolph Hitler in the video. What you do hear are the very words of Barack Obama superimposed and they coincide with the body language and movement of Hitler.




The Comeback Kid - John McCain, Harry Truman, Barack Obama, Thomas Dewey

Here's a Little Reminder of What the Obama's Think of Hillary & Her Supporters

Obama, A Word On A Piece Of Paper

Call Me a Racist- I Don't Care No More

JOHN MCCAIN HERO - "Spirit of the Free"

A Libtard Wants Joe The Plumber Dead




Obama Was Afraid To Walk Away from Wright?


New DNC Theme Song

Obama Born In Kenya

Murtha Redeploys Again

Al Franken: Killing The President IS Funny

Video : Before Obama's Victory Party, Can We Have the Election First??

The $120K Tax Break Ceiling Or Barrier...Or Whatever It Is Now

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama Says Gop Kidnapped By Bush...Moron


Let's say that is true. That is still better than the DNC being "kidnapped" by Marxists and anti-Americanists. Idiot.

Navy Commissions USS Barack Obama

Obama audio — I want to ban concealed weapons permits

Pilots, Aircraft, Miracles

Tito the Builder: "Don't Pretend the American People Are Stupid"

Thousands Flock to See Palin in the Missouri Sticks-- Biden Draws 500 to St. Louis High School Gym

Obama's View On SCOTUS

Change We Can Do Without

The Biden Interview With Commentary

Boot Murtha

Humor: A Break From Politics

Americans Cannot Afford A National Security Risk

Obama Lies to the Middle Class

McCain On SNL

Obama 2007: Use ‘Price Signals’ to Change Energy ‘Behavior’ Even if it Hurts Middle Class

Wink WInk - You Can Trust Obama - Wink Wink

Surgery - McCain Ad

Obama Promises To Bankrupt The Coal Industry

Martha Stewart Tells Targets of Obama Tax Hike to ‘Suck It In’

McCain Mocks Obama for Delaying World Series Game for ‘Infomercial’

Whining Joe Biden

Barack The Redistributor

'Paper or Plastic': Pollster Says He’ll End Up Bagging Groceries if McCain Wins


I can hardly wait for this idiot to come through

I Was Voting For Obama Until...


Sarah to Obama: Don't Celebrate Just Yet

Where is Obama and Biden?

From Obama The Racist

Hillary utterly destroys blogger’s strange new respect for her in 30 seconds


Obama Cannot Remember From Lie To Lie Anymore


Obama at a press conference :

In 2002 I said we should focus on finishing the fight against Osama Bin Laden. Throughout this campaign I’ve argued that we need more troops and more resources to win the war in Iraq. But we also need a new strategy that deals with Pakistan that deals with issues of corruption that deals with issues of narco-terrorism. We need a comprehensive strategy and approach to confront the growing threat from al Qaeda along the Pakistani border.

Did Obama forget which war he doesn't mind losing? Obama usually says he wants to "end" the war in Iraq and "win" war in Afghanistan. Throughout the campaign he has argued that more troops and resources would lead to success in Afghanistan, but he said that that same policy would lead to failure in Iraq. He must have meant to say "Afghanistan" instead of "Iraq." That's a pretty big mixup. As far as I can tell, this false impression Obama gave voters about his position on Iraq has gone uncorrected.

Whoopi Goldberg Says Democrats ALWAYS Raise Taxes


Jeri Thompson Slams A Troll


Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Wish Barack Would Make Up My Mind...What Is That Tax Level Again?


MOH: Parents Of Michael Monsoor Receive The MOH


Roger That

A Video Portrait of the Marxist Obama

The Audacity of A Fraud

Hannity and Colmes On Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire

Obama Just LOVES Jeremiah Wright

HT American Spectator

Jeremiah Wright is the best of the best of the best of the best the "black church" has to offer

Remembering Rev Not So Wright

McCain ad: “Freedom”

Da Coach introduces Da ‘Cuda

Hollyweirders Trying To Be Relevant

The Obligitory Palin-Obama Video Kick Ass Game?

Sarah I get...Obama? Not so much

New “Team Sarah” ad: Who’s Obama been winking at?

But, this ain't good...or is it? You decide

I am thinking America already knows about Rev Not So Wright

The Why Czarbie Is A Clear and Present Danger

All we really needed was one debate to know
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New RNC ad: “Stooges”

One of Obama's Idiots That Doesn't Know Any Better Because It Has No Education Worthy Of Mentioning

Tito Trounces The Troll

Dennis Prager Explains What Change Is

What is change?

Ann Coulter And Geraldo Rivera Battle It Out Over Obama's Buddies, Khalidi And Ayers


Obama Admits He Is A Socialist By Whining About Selfishness If We Don't Want Higher Taxes

This guy is a complete fool...just sayin'...link here

HILARIOUS! Video of the Day: "That's the Last Thing We Need When We're Trying to Elect an African-American as President"

I couldn't resist this one for very long folks.