Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GOP Energized on Drilling

Americans Views on Energy Proposals

McCain's Statement on Georgia

Obama's Statement on Georgia

NRCC: "Democrats' Holiday From Energy"

McCain Speaks to VFW Convention

Obama at VFW Convention

McCain: "Millions"

Beckel Breaks Down Biden Pick

Biden On Foreign Policy

McCain: "Debra"

Obama: "Don't Know Much"

RNC: "Right"

Clinton: "I Do Not Approve That Message"

NRCC Highlights Rep. Sestak Blaming Democrats

Obama In Davenport

Obama: "Sixties"

Pelosi Presses For Unity

Ted Kennedy Tribute At DNC Convention

Ted Kennedy At the DNC Convention

Michelle O Bio Video

Michelle O At DNC Convention

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fox News Fed To The Wolves?

Giuliani on Obama/Biden

Obama in Eau Claire

Moonbat Moron Threatens To Burn marines

Hillary Speaks To The One A While Back

No Oil Zone Pelosi

The Pelosi On Catholics and Abortion

McCain: Biden A ‘Very Wise Selection’

Hot Air TV: Encounters with the Left

Madonna Tour Video Likens Sen. John McCain to Hitler, Mugabe

Biden's First Speech As VP Contender

Hillary Passed Over

Annenberg, Ayers, Czarbie, COLB - What's A Few Frauds Amongst Politicians?

Dear Joe Biden

Biden Wants Answers

No Oil Zone

Czarbie: China and Russia Are Better?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama and Rezko

Obiden Obamaden Jobama

Chief Wimplomat In Georgia

Hillary: Forever Humiliated

Czarbie Introduces Biden As The Next President?


Joe Biden and Arrogance - IQ Levels Mean A Lot!

Obama Picks Joe Biden For Vice President

Cover: “Clean and Articulate”

Biden I’m A ‘Playa Too Boyz!’: “Shove It Down His Throat”

Bootleg Biden “Clean and Articulate” feat. Jackson

Joe Asks Gen. Petraeus A Tough Math Question He Can’t Figure Out For Himself

Smokin’ Joe Drum Solo

Gun Owner Should Have His Head Examined

My State Was A Slave State

Gotta Have An Indian Accent To Go To A Dunkin Donuts

I Got Checked For AIDS … Barack Got Checked For AIDS

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Ain't Like You...I Ain't No MTV Era Pussy

This POST is rated HOLY COW! If you are squeamish, do NOT play the second video. If you don't like vulgarity, do NOT play either video. I am a COMBAT VETERAN and I really don't care if a libtard, moonbat freak shit for brains gets upset with me. Screw them. I am not of the pussy and pampered MTV generation. Michael Moore is lower than whale shit and so is Georgie Soros, the communist coward. Pelosi is a whore. Reid licks her used panties. Murtha needs to be hung.


Dumb Question Of the night …

So, WHO would YOU rather get drunk and stupid with?

Group # 1

Group 2:

I'll sup with Group 2...the others can kiss my ass.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Mayor Rendell (now PA GOV) Praises the NOI and Farrakhan

Better Video On The Rebellion(?) On 01 AUG 08

McCain To Obama

Harry Reid's Country Cowboys

The Obama Song